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Fabrique [brands, design & interaction]


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This crowd-source application for the iPad was developed for the Live Science exhibition in Museum Naturalis. The special thing about this application is that while scientists digitize the collection in the exhibition on the spot, the public can help by using the app. The exhibition LiveScience makes the scientific work of Naturalis visible to the public. Scientists work in the exhibition digitizing and bringing together 800.000 shells and snail shells from different collections. Each object has at least one (old and sometimes handwritten) label, on which the scientists have described the species, where it is found, by whom and when. Transcribing these labels is drudgery. Therefore Naturalis asked the help of the audience with this decipher event. Visitors could browse through the pictures of the objects and transcribing the information they read. Because several people did this for the same label, the quality of the transcript was guaranteed. The (web)app can only be used inside Museum Naturalis.














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