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The National Gallery Technical Bulletin

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Following a major digitisation project, all 32 volumes of the National Gallery’s flagship research journal can now be downloaded and printed out for free from the Gallery’s website.

Visitors to the website can browse the entire archive of the National Gallery Technical Bulletin, which charts 35 years of research activity at the Gallery, from 1977 to the present. The articles provide specialist insight into the scientific examination of Old Master paintings, artists’ materials and techniques, and the storage and conservation of artworks.

Previously only available in print form or by subscription, over 200 articles have been digitised as part of the project. 2,600 pages of text were scanned and over 3,000 images were photographed to produce high-quality PDFs. Accompanying text-only RTF files have also been created, providing access for website visitors using screen readers.

The digitisation of the Technical Bulletin forms part of the Gallery’s ongoing commitment to widening access to its research activities. As well as enabling a wider readership, online publication allows for high-resolution, zoomable images to be made available alongside the articles providing a valuable opportunity for readers to explore the paintings in stunning detail.






































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