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The South Australian Community History website is an interactive storehouse of information and exchange.  It uses the open source content management framework Drupal to support the work of hundreds of small community museums, historical societies, archives, libraries and other organisations that collect, exhibit and promote the history of South Australia.  The site was launched in May 2011.

Access to museum information and resources:  The site expands the reach of History SA’s community museums outreach services, which supports around 400 organisations spread over a large geographical area.  The site provides a comprehensive online directory of organisations, skills videos, a calendar of events and news about community history activities, collections and research within South Australia.  Site has capacity for live forums and further potential for user-generated content.

Key promotional tool:  More than 100 organisations are already profiled on the site and profiles are available free to all South Australian community museums and history groups.  Profiles are a valuable promotional tool presenting organisations together as a cohesive museums/history network.  News stories and the events calendar keep the South Australian museums/history network and the public up-to-date with the latest happenings in the sector.  Through the site many museums have a web presence for the first time and a presence that is dynamic not static.

Cross-sector communication and information sharing:  The site is rich in social media features.  Flickr is used extensively to showcase museums and museum/history activities around South Australia.  Museum blogs allow groups to promote and discuss their activities. Blogs will be expanded in the next year to involve more museums and to further the cross-sector communication and information sharing objectives of the site.

Backend user access increases museum web and social media skills:  Museums involved in the community museums standards program receive training to enable them to list events and upload news stories and blog posts direct to the site.  The site provides the platform for museums to generate their own web content without the need to maintain their own website and gives them a highly functional and well-designed website to work with according to their individual capacity and interest.

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