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Plikt. Plikt? Plikt!

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National Library of Sweden






The web exhibition Plikt. Plikt? Plikt! (approx Duties. Duties? Duties!) was made to celebrate the National Library of Sweden 350-year anniversary. The exhibition discusses the notion of duty from different aspects. The base for the National Library operations is the legal deposit act, in Swedish this is called duty to deliver.

The web exhibition is made in adaptive design in order to appear in appealing design on different mobile devices as well as on computers. The design is different for different platforms. It is also possible for the user to comment on the material or share it on social media.

 This is one section shown on a laptop computer. The theme of the section is Freedom of speech and is illustrated by articles and material from the collections

The Section Duty before all as shown on an iPad

The collector, an article in the section Dreaming of completeness in an iPad

Section overview on Duty before all on an iPhone. Still a graphical interface, but with scroll

Article The collector, same as above, but on iPhone





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