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Museo Ugo Guidi


Losna - Soluzioni per il Web

Small Museum

Small Museum




Museo Ugo Guidi's MuseoTour is the first visual guide for mobile phones and smartphones which can be directly rented in the museum. Instead of renting an handheld device, at the ticket office visitors receive a random-generated user-id with a password and with an expiration time. Then visitors use their phones (the only necessary requirement for the phones is an internet connection) to login to the visual guide and they start exploring the contents of the guide which present the history of the museum, its rooms and exhaustive descriptions of the works of art with images and photographs. MuseoTour system supports also audio files which can be listened by the visitors with their earplugs (audio files for Museo Ugo Guidi are still in preparation).

MuseoTour provides several benefits: the renting is faster because it is all made via computer, there are no devices to rent so the museum has no mantainance expenses, there is not only the possibility to listen but also to read and observe, the editing of texts and audio files is very quick, visitors have a complete audioguide on their own devices (smartphones, cellphones, tablets, PDAs etc.) and they have nothing to download before their visit because they can use their audioguide live since it is distributed as a website.

Graphics are very simple in order to improve accessibility and usability and to allow even visitors with slow connections and old devices to use the visual guide with no problems. The system management for the ticket clerk is also very simple to use, and allows the museum to decide on its own the length of the expiration time and to see some statistics such as the number of visitors which have been entering into MuseoTour visual guide and the duration of their visit.

Museo Ugo Guidi's MuseoTour in 2012 during the celebrations for the hundredth anniversary of Ugo Guidi's birth.

In order to evaluate MuseoTour you can login with "user" as username and 0QuvY5Zj as password (this account will expire after Best of the Web 2012 will be over).

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