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Responsive website for Amsterdam Museumnight

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Museumnight Foundation


Grrr, Amsterdam


Innovative | Experimental


A responsive website, build for all sorts of screens. The annual Amsterdam Museumnight aims to attract a young audience to Amsterdam museums. To reach this goal, the foundation has always relied on the use of online- and social media. In this, they have always been on the forefront in The Netherlands. The 2011 version of the website applies the idea of Responsive Webdesign in a clever way.

The foundation is run by a young group of people: the oldest member of the team is 27 years old. This enables them to talk with a younger audience intuitively, but also to be a liaison between museums and youngsters.

The application of Responsive Webdesign and Mobile First makes the website work across computers, tablets and smart phones. This makes it usable in the weeks running up to the event, but the same site also works as a mobile guide during the Museumnight. In the design of the site an App-like aesthetic is applied, referring to the mobile application of the site.

Don't forget to scale the website in your browser to see the dynamics. Also, view it on various devices.

Responding to different screensizesResponding to different screensizes

Homepage Museumnight websiteHomepage Museumnight websiteUsers kan make their selection of the programUsers kan make their selection of the programMagazine-like layout and big images give a good impression of the museumMagazine-like layout and big images give a good impression of the museum

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