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MONA / Museum of Old & New Art

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Museum of Old & New Art


Art Processors

Small Museum

Small Museum


Innovative | Experimental


Impressive integration of brochure-ware with a customised post-visit experience ( which uses data collected during your visit (using loctation sensing on the mobile guide) to present you with everything you've seen and not yet seen. Every bit of rich media accesisble in the gallery is accessible post-visit as is a 3D rotational view of your visit path through the galleries. The requirement to visit before making content accesisble creates an interesting user experience and arguably drives a deeper level of engagement with the institution through exclusivity. (Entry to the museum is free for Tasmanian residents, and charged for anyne else). The content, itself, is highly stylised and has an 'attitude' that is refreshing in a world of bland, overly 'edited', 'safe' art commentary.

The OThe O


This is a small museum in terms of numbers of staff - despite the wealth of it private benefactor.

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