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East Perth Power Station History Project




East Perth Power Station History Project


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The East Perth Power Station was commissioned in 1913 as the first Power Station to be build in the state of Western Australia. The website takes you to visit the East Perth Power Station, the people who worked there, the children who grew up in its shadow, the local residents who lived close by and the consumers who used the electricity which the station generated. It tells of Aboriginal families who lived in East Perth and of the changing riverfront as industries grew and then moved out to newer suburbs.  Original photographs and the voices of the people themselves provide the story that the visitor experiences through self-directed discovery. 

The aspect of the site that excels is the use of navigable Google maps based on the original power station site maps as a starting point for the visitor to explore the events in the station's history. 

Themes such as the workplace, the local community and the effect of electrification, also provide starting points for navigating the site.

The design of the website by the main eras of the power station allow a historical narrative to be followed.

Images and audio relevant to the location, era or theme are returned and themselves provide a starting point for further exploration.

The original photographs and the aural history recordings from the people who were involved with the power station provide a significant historical record and justify the inclusion of the East Perth Power Station History website in the Small Museum category.















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