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Investigating Forensics


Financed by the Virtual Museum of Canada, the site includes information and activities that recreate some of the challenges forensics experts deal with. Visitors will learn first-hand about forensics by taking on the roles of Forensic Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Entomologists, Botanists, DNA Analysts, and Stable Isotope Analysts.  Each of the tasks is real job that a forensic expert does and every step is important to solving the case. The crime scene is recreated in the woods close to Simon Fraser University, using Giga Pan technology, and it allowes visitors to search for evidence at the scene.

Project partners are: Simon Fraser University (SFU) Museum of Archaelogy and Ethnology; SFU Forensic Research Centre; Chritical Thinking Consortium; and SFU Teaching and Learning Centre.


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Ivana Filipovic has two decades of experience working as a designer/illustrator and architect/archaeologist with prominent European and Canadian scientists on popularizing history and science through exhibitions, TV series, publications and new media. She has been the Manager and Art Director at...