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A "Smart" Authoring and Delivery Tool for Multichannel Communication


The recent proliferation of technologies and devices (including iPhone, iPad and alike) provides new perspectives for the use of multimedia applications for cultural heritage. Users are no more just sitting in front of their PC at home, but they also access multimedia information walking in the galleries or in archeological parks, sitting in a cafeteria, driving a car, travelling on a train, etc.

In addition, and most important, all the different devices and technologies are important, and institutions can’t anymore decide which are preferable for their users, who are free to choose according to their (permanent or temporary) needs.

This demo features an innovative authoring-delivery environment (1001stories), available as web service, that allows creating multimedia multi-channel applications in an easy and cost-effective way. The applications produced with 1001stories can be delivered over the web, mobile devices (smart phones, iPhone, iPad), off-line (CD-rom, USB key, mp3 players, iPod) or on-line, over standard cell-phones (audio only), through social spaces, etc. basically one authoring effort (including some “adaptive adjustments”) and one technological effort are needed. The toolkit is quite easy to use and therefore can be managed even by a non technical staff (to create/adjust/update the application). The production process is streamlined and effective: one month on average is needed to create a full application.

The effectiveness of the toolkit will be illustrated by means of some concrete examples, among which the most prominent is “Nippon” (, a set of applications supporting four exhibitions about Japanese culture that took place in Lugano (Switzerland) in winter 2010.


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michela.negrini's picture
Ph.D. candidate at the University of Lugano (USI),Switzerland, my research activity focuses on communication, exploring the role media and technology play in contemporary art museums, in particular focusing on media art. I participated to several projects concerning presentation, re-presentation...
diblas's picture
Nicoletta Di Blas is assistant professor with the Department of Electronics and Information of Politecnico di Milano. She graduated in Classics and obtained a Ph.D. in Linguistic Sciences from The Catholic University, Milan. She currently teaches Communication Theory for Politecnico di Milano (Como...
paolini's picture
Paolo Paolini is full professor at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), adjunct professor at the School of Communication Sciences and scientific coordinator of the master TEC-CH (Technology Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage) at the University of Lugano (USI). He is the scientific coordinator...