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19th Century Whaling Through a Child's Eyes: an Interactive Exhibit


In 1868, a young girl from Edgartown Massachusetts embarked on a 3 year whaling voyage with her father, the Captain, mother, and brother. While on board, she kept a journal as part of her schooling. The journal remains and provides a unique perspective on the 19th century American whaling industry. This website showcases the journal to draw children and families into a wider context of historical information. Featured in an interactive and engaging way with audio, transcriptions, links and other features, the journal leads the visitor deep into the history of whaling. Using both primary sources and interpretation, broader historical and scientific  context provides a backdrop to the personal narrative of young Laura Jernegan. Additional interactive features, including a ship, maps, and whales, as well as biographies, illustrations, artifacts and more provide many ways to explore the subject.


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After working for many years with the Martha's Vineyard Public Schools, a small town library and a variety of businesses, Nancy became the Education Director for the Martha's Vineyard Museum in 2007.
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Juliet is a website designer specializing in history and humanities websites. She has been an interactive media designer since 1986, after receiving her M.F.A. in graphic design from Yale. After graduate school, she worked designing custom multimedia applications for clients such as the Museum of...