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Place-Royale from the present to the past


Musée de la civilisation




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Place-Royale Home page

The project is a cyber exhibition that uses 12 themes to present highlights from the history of Québec City’s Place-Royale and showcase its historic figures, society, and the development of its architecture through various eras. Drawing on Musée de la civilisation archives and collections and other sources, the project illustrates the history of this very important heritage site over a period of four centuries.

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What makes the website so original is that it allows users to immerse themselves in the historyof Place-Royale by examining the traces of its past still visible today. To accomplish this, the site features an original blend of interactive Web components:

The exhibition features a total of 130 archival documents, 194 collection objects (most from archeological excavations at the site), and almost 40,000 words of interpretive text, scenarios, and educational resources. This remarkable amount of high quality content enables users to draw connections between the traces of history still visible today and the events of the past.

In short, this site boasts all the qualities you are looking for in this Best of the Web category.