Speaker: Jess Mitchell
April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Speakers: Biography

Jess Mitchell

University of Toronto
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
130 St. George Street
Toronto ON
M5S 1A5 Canada

Jess Mitchell is the Project Manager for Fluid (http://fluidproject.org/) , a distributed community-source project, working closely with open source projects, museums and cultural institutions to improve visitor and user experience. Jess works with a large team of distributed Fluid team members to produce accessible, high performance, clean and nimble applications using new technologies for the web and beyond. A few of the Fluid projects are CollectionSpace, Decapod, and Fluid Engage. Jess has worked on a number of large, complex, distributed projects, bridging gaps and fostering innovation. Those projects have ranged from building the Ghana Internet Exchange Point to serving as co-Project Manager on the Duke Digital Initiative (iPod project +), and co-teaching an open source project course with 4th year students at Duke University.

Jess will present New Technology in the Museum: a case study of three museums in the Fluid community working together. [Paper]