April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Workshops: Description

Web Surveys: Don't just do it. Do it right.

Silvia Filippini Fantoni, The British Museum, United Kingdom
Kate Haley Goldman, Institute for Learning Innovation, USA

Web-based surveys are a relatively quick and easy way to gather information that can help you create better exhibitions, programs, applications and grant proposals. Yet seemingly inconsequential differences in how you ask the questions and distribute your survey can have enormous implications for how reliable or valid your data actually are. Do your results really represent your audience? Will you be able to present your results without worry? This workshop will help you gain confidence in your ability to create web surveys, understand findings and how they can be used. Kate Haley Goldman and Silvia Filippini Fantoni will lead you through the quick and dirty rules of web surveys, as well as give guidance to make your decisions easier. Topics will include:

What tools are available for web surveys and how to pick one for your needs

How to structure your survey and questions

Design choices that change how people respond

How to reduce bias in your surveys

What type of response rate is sufficient

What to do about incentives


What can you legitimately claim based on your results?

During the workshop, we’ll critique survey examples. Silvia and Kate will provide background reference materials so that your future surveys can be undertaken with increased assurance that the results will be meaningful and useful.

Workshop: Web Surveys [Morning]

Keywords: web surveys, evaluation, audience research, methodologies