Speaker: Kirk Alexander
April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Speakers: Biography

Kirk Alexander

Program Manager
University of California, Davis
IET-Academic Technology Services
2305 Goldberry Lane
Davis CA
95616 USA

Kirk Alexander, BA, MSE Princeton University: Kirk came to UCDavis from Princeton University where he was the Director of the Educational Technologies Program. At Davis he started as the Programming Manager for IET/Mediaworks and led the team to finish two major projects for the UCCPP (University of California College Prep Program). These were two complete multimedia AP Spanish courses that interfaced via SCORM protocol to a locally developed Learning Management System (LMS). Additionally during this period Kirk oversaw a number of media development projects. In 2005 Kirk was assigned as Program Manager for the major project to replace the University's course management tools with a new system based on Sakai. This work is now in production and the development team, under Kirk, will begin to explore the addition of new tools and the integration of those tools with media based content to be used for instruction and research in a Sakai context. At Princeton Kirk lead initiatives to develop the Almagest media repository, “Walks in Rome" a context oriented internet database with interactive graphic animations for complete on-line teaching (including The Nolli Map interactive map linked to a repository of course materials on the architectural history of Rome),“An Interactive 3D Computer Graphics History of the Evolution of 250 Years of Princeton University’s Architecture” in honor of Princeton’s 250th Anniversary, “The Piero Project” a FIPSE funded endeavor entitled “Teaching Art History with Interactive 3-Dimensional Computer Graphics.” -- a 3D interactive model of Piero della Francesco's The Story of the True Cross fresco cycle and The Mappamundi Project (A Multimedia, Illustrated Medieval Dictionary).

Kirk will demonstrate New Technology Brings New Life to Art History: The Piero Project Story. [Demonstration]