April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada




Oxynade provides event calendar information to cultural agencies and web portals.

By using a wide range of online and offline information sources, Oxynade specializes in harvesting event calendar information. As an electronic information provider, Oxynade delivers up-to-date information to its customers.

The Oxynade event calendars can be used for offline publishing and as an attractive new feature to your website and online business.

Cultural & tourism agencies, government and non-profit organizations use Oxynade to promote cultural initiatives and to inform the community of cultural and leisure events. Oxynade eliminates the need of in-house editorial effort to keep a database up to date. Instead, regular updates are provided by Oxynade, ready for use in offline and online publications.


Hans Nissens
Managing Director
Oxynade BVBA
Coupure rechts 296
9000 Belgium