Speaker: Gabrielle Trépanier
April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Gabrielle Trépanier

Audit and Evaluation Officer
Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation
Corporate Secretariat
2380 Lancaster Road
PO Box 9724, Station T
Ottawa ON
K1G 5A3 Canada

Gabrielle Trépanier holds a degree in sociology and a Master’s of Museum Studies from the University of Toronto. She began her career at the Canadian Museum of Civilization where she learned to conduct user testing as well as front-end and summative evaluations of exhibitions. In between contracts, she was also the principal analyst for a large scale market research consortium focussed on visitors to Canada’s national museums. For the past two years, Gabrielle has worked in visitor studies for the Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation. In that role she oversees market research and has expanded her expertise in evaluating to include Web sites as well as mechanical and computer-based interactives.

Gabrielle will present Social Presence: New value for networked museum audiences. [Paper]