April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Scanning the Horizon: Emerging Technologies for Museums

Susan Chun, USA
Leonard Steinbach, USA
Larry Johnson, NMC: The New Media Consortium, USA

This forum will introduce and solicit input to the Horizon Project and Report for Museums, a project of New Media Consortium (NMC). The purpose of the Project is to identify and describe the emerging technologies that are likely to have significant impact on cultural stewardship, education, interpretation, management, audience engagement, and other aspects of museum practice during the next few years. The resulting Report will synthesize the viewpoints of a broad range of contributors into a succinct set of technologies and related practices, organized by prospective timeframe for adoption. The Report will be directed at two audiences: museum directors and senior management who will benefit from clear, concise descriptions of these technologies and their relevance to museum practice; and, a broader constituency of museum professionals who will appreciate the focused spotlight on emerging museum technologies and the advocacy tool and resource that this report will provide.

Modeled on NMC's highly regarded Horizon Project and Report for higher education, an annual bellwether for emerging technologies in that arena, the Horizon Project for Museums has already engaged an Advisory Board comprising leading thinkers from within and outside of the museum community to inform its work. This forum will provide an important opportunity for conference attendees to contribute their ideas and insights, and help inform the ways in which the Report can prove most useful.

Professional Forum: NMC Horizon Report for Museums [Mini-Workshop]

Keywords: emerging technologies, trends, wiki, publication