April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Pachyderm Project Update

Scott Sayre, Sandbox Studios / Museum411, USA
Christina De Paolo, Seattle Art Museum, USA

This demonstration will highlight recent developments with the Pachyderm open-source authoring tool. The presenters will provide a short overview of the new community Web site "PachyForge", as well a variety of new online and in-gallery programs developed using the Pachyderm authoring tool. Institutional representatives from each of the Pachyderm project institutions will be available to discuss the creation and application of the projects, as well as their experience of working with the authoring tool. Representatives of the Pachyderm Advisory Council will also be available to answer questions about the development path toward Pachyderm 2.1.

Projects available for demonstration will include:

  1. Seattle Art Museum's custom Pachyderm program that drives 10 in-gallery kiosk programs as well as online programming.
  2. Minnesota Digital Library's "History Mysteries", a 5-track visual literacy game developed in Pachyderm.
  3. Two prototypes from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: one for incorporating Steve community tags within Pachyderm presentations and another for incorporating Wordpress blog comments
  4. The Walters Art Museum's "Mummies, Manuscripts and Madonnas", a newly expanded version of the program now covering Ancient and Medieval Art. This program also includes the new Timeline Template which was released in late 2007.

A variety of print materials will also be available to conference attendees interested in using Pachyderm within their own institutions.

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