April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Demonstrations: Description Software Tools for Social Tagging

Rob Stein, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA

The project is in the last year of a two year research grant supported by the Institute for Museum and Library Services. During that time a number of tools and software systems have been developed by the project to support this research. These tools have been released as open source software available for use by the public.

In this demonstration we will show several of the different tools developed using the steve software model as examples of ways in which other institutions may begin to address their desires to feature social tagging content on their own websites.

In particular we will demonstrate:

  • The steve tagger interface in several different configurations used by the project to run its experiments.
  • The steve TermReview tool, a tool developed to allow institutions and researchers to review and categorize terms submitted by the public for works of art.
  • The steve Reporting tool: a sophisticated automated reporting tool allowing project members to run comparative queries against a range of information captured by the steve software.

We will also demonstrate several ways in which steve is being used in the community to drive social tagging applications online. Including steve’s integration with the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s website and steve’s facebook application platform.

Demonstration: Demonstrations - 1 [Demonstrations]

Keywords: software, social tagging, steve, reporting, term review, facebook