April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Poem Scroll with Deer Interactive Website

Christina De Paolo, Seattle Art Museum, USA

The Poem Scroll with Deer is a 17th Century masterpiece, representing the time period often referred to as the Japanese Renaissance. Two artists, a painter and calligrapher, collaborated on a large scroll dedicated to poems and imagery of autumn. Who commissioned the work is a mystery. In 1935, the scroll's owner at the time cut into two pieces to display at his teahouses. In 1951, the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) acquired the second half of the scroll. The first half was further cut into fragments and sold to museums and collectors throughout Japan.

SAM recently restored its portion of the Poem Scroll with Deer and it was on view in the museum galleries in 2007. In conjunction with this exhibition, a website and gallery kiosk was produced to virtually recreate the entire scroll and display it as it would have originally been read. The interactive features the 28 poems in the scroll, translated into English and Japanese, as well as a map of provenance, and an overview of the restoration project. The interactive was produced by Second Story Interactive Studios. In the gallery, Microsoft Next Media provided a zoom and pan technology of the interactive that was displayed on additional flat screen panel. I would like to demonstrate the website component of this project.

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