April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

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The tool for temporary exhibition organizers

Debora Mugica, Culturable, Spain enriches the cultural arena by linking organizations and individuals wishing to create temporary nonprofit art, science or historical exhibits. It will be available in English in January 2008.

Culturable is the answer to a basic principle: any site can host a temporary, nonprofit exhibition, but not all cultural items can be hosted at all sites due to display policies and conservation concerns. At the same time, any item can be converted into an artistic, historical, or scientific cultural exhibition, but it must find an exhibition space that is suitable, both in terms of technology and exhibition policy.

Beginning with this principle, Culturable is designed as an agile, international, and specialized tool linking professionals. It allows users to find temporary exhibition spaces, to produce or host travelling exhibitions, and to find professionals who offer exhibition production services in order to organize productions, co productions, or travelling exhibitions.

The requirement, in all cases, is that the content of the exhibition is not for sale and that it has a uniform exhibition policy that clearly and seamlessly accommodates the field it is intended for: museums, foundations, cultural centres, universities, or any space dedicated to artistic, historical, or scientific culture, regardless of its ownership, technical characteristics, or budget, creating a means of direct communication between institutions in order to find similar spaces using search filters and to arrive at direct agreements without mediation.


  • Because up until now, cultural promoters in the exhibition field have had very few resources.
  • Because until now, despite excellent availability of exhibition facilities and professionals, there has not been any centralised source of information regarding their characteristics.
  • Because cultural promoters have always made decisions and planned in a virtual knowledge-vacuum with respect to potential collaboration partners.
  • Because it is always important to be able to sort information quickly and clearly.

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Keywords: non profit exhibits, databases, culture, museums, foundations, culture centers