April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Workshops: Description

Online Video Editing

Jim Spadaccini, Ideum, USA

The rise of YouTube and other video sharing sites has brought Web video to millions of users. So what's next? Online video editing, of course. No longer relegated to the user's desktop, a new generation of online applications are bringing video editing to Web visitors. While design, technology, and ownership issues abound, editing video online will likely be part of the popular Web landscape in the near future.

While there are bandwidth and other technical limitations to consider, online video editing can allow Web visitors to interact with pre-designated video, audio and images. Online video editing can provide a focused and controlled creative environment for online visitors. In addition, visitors can easily share, rate, and comment on other's videos, adding the ever important social aspect to video editing sites.

In this half day seminar, we'll look at: JumpCut, EyeSpot, JayCut, Flektor, GorillaSpot, and others and see how the world of online video will never be the same. We will examine the core technologies: Flash, media serving, frame rendering, and how understand how all these piece work. We will test drive these technologies together, make movies, and discuss the technology and design issues presented.

Our workshop will include a look what's involved in developing simple and complex video editors. We will take a look under the hood of one of the major online video editors and discuss the challenges of developing complex Flash-based applications.

We will look at some ways in which museums can get involved and connect with these new communities and take advantage of online video editing. Finally, we will explore some examples of video editing used educationally and discuss issues surrounding content, copyright, and user experience.

Workshop: Video Editing [Morning]

Keywords: video, editing, flash, application development, design, usability, Web 2.0