Robyn Jeffrey
March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Speakers: Biography

Robyn Jeffrey

Business Architect
Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
Research and Business Intelligence (RBI)
15 Eddy Street (15-4-A)
Gatineau QC
K1A 0M5 Canada

In her role as Business Architect at the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), Robyn Jeffrey is responsible for developing information and knowledge for the purposes of supporting CHIN and its members in the business decisions they take, helping to ensure that they are timely, effective, sustainable, flexible and responsive to continuous changes with regard to Information Technology. Since joining CHIN in 2000, she has also had the opportunity to manage the creation of numerous virtual exhibits in collaboration with Canadian and international museum partners for presentation on the Virtual Museum of Canada (, including the award-winning Horizons: Canadian and Russian Landscape Painting (1860-1940). Robyn has a Master's degree in Canadian Art History and a Bachelor of Journalism, both from Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada).

Robyn will present Audience Analysis in the Age of Engagement. [Paper]