Nadav Kashtan
March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Speakers: Biography

Nadav Kashtan

University of Haifa
Department of Maritime Civilizations
Mount Carmel
31905 Israel

Nadav Kashtan is a historian of the classical period who specializes in the maritime heritage of the ancient Mediterranean. He is a graduate of Museum Studies at the University of Tel Aviv (1991) and was director of the National Maritime Museum, Haifa until 1996. Nadav teaches at the Department of Maritime Civilizations, and is researcher at the Recanati Institute of Maritime Studies, both at the University of Haifa. His areas of research include: ports and maritime cities, their fate and identity; Greco-Roman and Jewish attitudes to ships and seafaring; maritime motifs in literary and archaeological sources and their interpretation in museum displays. Nadav Kashtan participates in the Italian-Israeli research project concerning multimedia presentations for a mobile museum visitor's guide

Nadav will present Preparing Personalized Multimedia Presentation for a Mobile Museum Visitors' Guide: a methodological Approach. [Paper]