David Gerrard
March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Speakers: Biography

David Gerrard

New Media Designer
De Montfort University
Imaging and Communication Design
Portland Building
The Gateway
Leicester Leicestershire
LE1 9BH United Kingdom

David Gerrard graduated with a BA Hons in English with Visual Studies from the University of Central Lancashire in 1995, and is now in the final stages of an MSc in Computing at De Montfort University. His computing research currently focuses upon interface architecture and design of graphical user interfaces for amlgamated databases. He has over nine years' experience of web design and development, working in the educational, commercial and video gaming sectors. His experience covers graphical user interface design, usability and accessibility, and systems analysis, design and development. Many of his recent projects have been within the heritage and educational sectors, including: http://www.emmlac.org.uk, http://www.emsource.org.uk and http://www.learnwithmuseums.org.uk.

David will present Squaring the Triangle: Implications of broadband for access, diversity and accessibility in museum Web design. [Paper]
David will teach Cutting edge prototyping: paper based user trials. [Workshop]