Caterina Poggi
March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Speakers: Biography

Caterina Poggi

PhD student
Politecnico di Milano
Information Engineering
piazzale Gerbetto 6
Como Lombardy
22100 Italy

Caterina Poggi is PhD student in Computer Science at Politecnico di Milano. She graduated in Communication Sciences at University of Lugano (Switzerland). Her research interests focus on multimedia applications for edutainment, in particular educational 3D worlds, virtual museums and cultural heritage applications. As member of the HOC lab of Politecnico di Milano, she is in charge of monitoring the educational effectiveness of programs for schools, including Learning@Europe and Stori@Lombardia.

Caterina will present 3D for Cultural Heritage and Education: Evaluating the Impact. [Paper]
Caterina will teach Semiotics and Museum Websites: "Do users understand your interfaces?". [Workshop]