March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Science Explorations: A new multi-modal approach to authentic inquiry-based scientific learning

Tami Mount, Scholastic, Inc., USA
John Yoo, American Museum of Natural History, USA

What results when experts from two distinct, but trusted and knowledgeable leaders in the field of education join forces to promote science literacy among students in grades 3 through 10?

Science Explorations ( -- a new multi-modal approach to authentic inquiry-based scientific learning.

The American Museum of Natural History and Scholastic Inc. are collaborating in a program that brings together the expertise of the Museum's world class scientists, research laboratories, exhibitions, and vast collection of specimens and artifacts, with the editorial vision and market penetration of Scholastic's Classroom Magazines and award-winning interactive content. Teachers and students can experience Scientific Explorations in two ways -- reading the SuperScience and Scholastic Science World classroom magazine articles and visiting the interactive Web site. The strengths of each medium combine to support one another and deliver a new model for rich, problem-based learning. In this demonstration, participants will experience how the strengths of two institutions merge into a unified publication model designed to engender scientific literacy, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

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Keywords: Science Literacy, Grades 3-8, Collaborative Production, Educational Technology in the Classroom, Problem-based Learning, Life and Physical Sciences