March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sessions: Abstract

Museum Expansions and the "Utility" of Web-based Public Information

Jim Ockuly, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA

Many museums have recently expanded their facilities, are in the process of expanding, or are looking ahead to an upcoming expansion. What role does on-line and on site Web-based public information play before, during, and after such monumental transitions? How is the Web helping with public awareness? With capital campaigns? Are the building plans themselves accommodating needs for in-gallery media? Wired and/or wireless networking? Space dedicated to kiosks?

This paper will explore the ways in which Web sites and in-museum media can and should be thought of as another "utility" — as crucial as electricity, water, etc. — when planning for and carrying out an expansion. The primary example will be The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA), but other art museums will be surveyed and discussed as well.

Session: The Web as Infrastructure [Technology]

Keywords: building, expansion, art, branding, fundraising, planning, installation