March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sessions: Abstract

The Inside Out Web Museum

Jonathan Pratty, 24 Hour Museum, United Kingdom

Recent reports by the Oxford Internet Institute, the Common Information Environment and Digicult show massive numbers of Internet users are making their first daily clicks within search engines, not favourite Web sites. Even young Web users go straight to grown-up Google, whether for pleasure or school projects.

This ideas paper explores how cultural Web publishers might publish content in new ways in this search-dominated world. We need to build digital culture that lives in Google-land, as well as on a good old- fashioned Web site with walls, navigation and a loyal audience.

The popularity of RSS and Web 2.0 means we have the opportunity now to develop new ways to publish on-line: to use semantic tagging, to make clusters of related cultural content 'hang together' in search engine results. Is this realistic?

The paper explores routes to making this possible and envisions a digital museum comprised of millions of particles of content, from multiple museum sources, turned 'inside out' in search engine land

Session: Models for Access [Technology]

Keywords: digital culture, semantic tagging, digital museum