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Learning@Europe is an innovative e-learning project developed by Politecnico di Milano in cooperation with Accenture Foundation, aimed at students aged between 15 to 19 years.

Learning@Europe implements a new extraordinary learning paradigm, in which traditional learning activities (research, team-work) blends with online interaction. Students from all over Europe meet together in a shared (over the internet) 3D environment, where they discuss over historical issues in a multicultural perspective and play breath-taking games! Online forums keep the discussion open and promote bonds between far away peers, also giving students the unique opportunity to ask questions to world-renowned experts.

Already 1200 students from 6 European countries have gone through this thought-provoking, unforgettable experience.


Nicoletta Di Blas
Politecnico di Milano
Electronics and Information
Via Ponzio 34/5
20133 Italy

Paolo Paolini
Full Professor
Politecnico di Milano
Electronics and Information
via Ponzio 34/5
20100 Italy

Ugo Barchetti
Ph. D. Student
University of Lecce
Engineering of Innovation
Via Balduini 9
73100 Italy

Alberto Bucciero
PhD student
University of Lecce
Innovation Engineering Dept.
52, Parini Street
73100 Italy

Stefano Santo Sabato
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Lecce
Dipartimento Ingegneria dell' Innovazione
Via Gallipoli, 28
73013 Italy