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If you would like assistance in designing or building your Web site, you can see the latest products and services from leading firms in the Exhibit Hall.

Systems Planning

Systems Planning is the developer of MWeb(tm), the easiest way for museums and image collections to publish their catalogs on the Web.

MWeb provides several types of searches, simple to advanced, some requiring no typing at all. In addition to the built-in search engine and displays, MWeb is extensible to meet any special needs. The design is customized to match your existing website.

MWeb can integrate any number and types of databases for integrated searching and display, so the catalog can include records from multiple museums, libraries, or collections, which can be searched separately or together.


Stephen Toney
Systems Planning
1037 Krejci Blvd
Mt Jackson VA
22842 USA

Rebecca Menendez
Autry National Center
4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles CA
90027 USA