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MINISIS Inc. is a dynamic, world leader in providing software solutions to 1000s of clients in over 60 countries since 1975. Our core product line is centered around the MINISIS RDBMS which includes: the MINISIS database engine, an easy to use graphic interface to enable non-technical staff to develop databases, as well as modify any of our several pre-defined applications for archives, libraries and museums (among others) and a robust web interface to allow for exceptional public access. MINISIS is also one of the few companies that possess a wealth of expertise with BPR, change management, application analysis and design and experience with the complete System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for customized solutions. MINISIS Inc. is a Canadian internationally incorporated company with offices in Ottawa (Ontario), Vancouver (British Columbia), Valencia (Spain) and Tunis (Tunisia).


Christopher Burcsik
MINISIS Marketing Manager
1743 Kitchener Street
Vancouver BC
V5L 2W4 Canada