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Second Story

Since 1994, Second Story has created more than 80 original interactive Websites and interpretive multimedia installations with many outstanding museums and cultural institutions including Monticello, National Archives & Record Administration, National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, Peabody Essex Museum, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and The Museum of Modern Art. Second Story's pioneering work continues to set new standards for interactive media and has received hundreds of industry awards and honors. From database-driven applications and collections accessibility tools to rich-media interpretive presentations, the studio is dedicated to inspiring, educating and entertaining audiences through innovative, interactive storytelling.


Brad Johnson
Creative Director
Second Story Interactive Studios
1104 NW 15th Avenue #400
Portland OR
97209 USA

Julie Beeler
Co-Founder/Studio Director
Second Story Interactive Studios
1104 NW 15th Ave.
Suite 400
Portland OR
97209 USA