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If you would like assistance in designing or building your Web site, you can see the latest products and services from leading firms in the Exhibit Hall.

Vernon Systems Ltd.

Vernon is a leading collections management system for Museums & Galleries used by hundreds of museum professionals worldwide.

Vernon provides unparalleled power, functionality and flexibility. The intuitive user interface is suitable for any user and for all types of collections. The system handles acquisition proposals, cataloguing, location tracking, conservation, loans, entry, exit, exhibitions, movement planning and more.

Vernon Browser, our state-of-the-art web access module, provides public access with sophisticated search facilities. It offers detail, label, light box and list views, and enables interpretive presentations, adding value to your on-line catalog. Log-on facilities offer secure in-house access to further collections information.


Abby Turbott
Vernon Systems Ltd.
P.O. Box 6909
1001 New Zealand