Museums and the Web 2005
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Speakers from around the world present their latest work at MW2005.

Roland Kuck

Research Scientist
Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication
Virtual Environments
Schloss Birlinghoven
Sankt Augustin NRW
D-53754 Germany

Roland Kuck studied at the University of Dortmund in Germany and has a Diploma in Computer Science. He joined the Competence Center Virtual Environments at Fraunhofer IMK in 2002 where he is, among other things, the expert for 3D scanning and real-time visualization. Roland Kuck is the Technical Manager of the Bernini Digital project. The authors can be reached at Fraunhofer Institut Medienkommunikation, Schloss Birlinghoven, D-53754 Sankt Augustin.

Roland will demonstrate Reconstructing and Presenting Bernini's Borghese Sculptures.