Museums and the Web 2005
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Speakers from around the world present their latest work at MW2005.

Sue Black

Senior Lecturer in Computing
London South Bank University
Institute for Computing Research
Borough Road
SE1 0AA United Kingdom

Sue Black is a Senior Lecturer in Computing at London South Bank University where she heads the Centre for Systems and Software Engineering. She completed a PhD in software measurement in 2001 in which she reformulated an algorithm used to compute the ripple effect metric for C source code. Sue periodically works for the European Commission in Brussels as an expert evaluator on the Information Society Technologies Programme (IST) and is a collaborator on the EC Software Quality Founded on Design Laws (SQUFOL) project. Her research interests are software measurement and software maintenance. Sue is involved with the British Computer Society (BCS) in several respects. She founded and is now Chair of the British Computer Society BCSWomen Specialist Group. She is a council member and also a committee member for the Central London branch and the Internet Specialist Group. Sue has been invited to speak on several occasions on the subject of women in IT and the BCSWomen group, notably for Computing, the UK IT industry newspaper, in 1999 and at IBM in 2002.

Sue will present Gender Issues and Museum Web Sites.