Museums and the Web 2005
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Speakers from around the world present their latest work at MW2005.

Roger Topp

Science & Technology Projects Developer
University of Alaska Museum of the North
907 Yukon Drive
PO Box 756960
Fairbanks AK
99775-6960 USA

Roger Topp is the Education Technology and Special Projects Developer at the University of Alaska Museum of the North. In this position, Mr. Topp has been responsible for the development, writing, and production of museum public and schools education programs for Internet, Kiosk, Auditorium, and school classroom audiences. He brings to projects diverse research and professional experience throughout Alaska with scientific measurement, visualization, video production, computer animation, and museum interpretation. Independantly, he writes and produces short animated and live-action films for museums, aquaria, and other avenues of informal education. A member of ACM SIGGRAPH, Mr. Topp holds an M.S. in Physical Oceanography, and an M.F.A. in Writing.

Roger will present Community Curation of Small-Scale Animation and Video.