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Recognizing achievement in heritage Web site design, a committee of museum professionals selects the Best of the Web each year.

Best Museum Professional's Site

These sites serve museum professionals and their specific requirements, such as administration, exhibitions, education, public relations, registration, collections management, or development. They may be reference resources that are employed in professional work and study, including reports of conferences, pre-publications, reviews and technical literature. They may also include multi-site indexes and finding aids that collocate resources critical to the professional community. (This category does not include search engines and on-line databases intended for research).

Quality characteristics include:

  • Support for the distributed activity of a consortium or group of museum partners in ongoing collaborations
  • Contribution to their institution or to the museum profession as a whole
  • Mechanisms for fostering innovative projects that help in the development of electronic media in museums
  • Providing valuable on-line forums and discussions for museum professionals
  • Providing software, guidelines, templates and packages for museum professionals
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