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Recognizing achievement in heritage Web site design, a committee of museum professionals selects the Best of the Web each year.

Best On-line Exhibition


Cycles: African Life Through Art
Nominated By: Anne Robinson, Indianapolis Museum of Art
Institution: Indianapolis Museum of Art

The design of this online exhibit is a piece of art itself. Beautiful and fun to explore.

A highly visually appealing and thought provoking site which provides a rich user experience through interactivity, text and images. A particular highlight is the 'context' link that a user can click on when viewing an object. The graphic elements also nicely enhance the content and navigational options available to the user.

The design is sophisticated and the navigation surprisingly straightforward while being somewhat non-traditional. Good use of music throughout. Excellent use of zooming capabilities on enlarged images for a great amount of detail. More detail than almost any other website that I've seen.

Honorable Mention

Raid on Deerfield
Nominated By: Robert Leming, DCANet
Institution: Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (PVMA) / Memorial Hall Museum, Deerfield

...raises the bar for historical interpretation online. The site models the value of the whole that derives from a consideration of multiple perspectives. The designers have cast a magical spell that draws the user into another place, another time, another world where one finds truth painted in many shades of grey.

While innovative in many way, the navigation for the site can be confusing with up to 4 different menu areas available, and very little site context given to the visitor. It gets easy to lose where you are in the site.


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