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Categories: Educational
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Recognizing achievement in heritage Web site design, a committee of museum professionals selects the Best of the Web each year.

Best Educational Use

These sites educate a specific audience on a particular subject. They present material in an effective and relevant manner, provided depth of content. Educational sites may be sites designed by and for children. (This category does not include search engines and on-line databases intended for research which are judged in the category for Best Research Site). Quality characteristics included:

  • Presentation of supplementary material for schools and teachers, and support for collaborative spaces for teachers to work together
  • Presentation of supplementary materials for students of any age, and provision of collaborative work spaces for students
  • Interaction between museum staff and students, teachers, or educational groups of any level
  • Integration of experiences of 'real' visits to museum and the educational Web site
  • Provision of non-curriculum-based learning experiences and support of lifelong learning activities
  • Easily identifiable target audience and clear pedagogical strategy
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