Museums and the Web 2005
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Kamloops Art Gallery

Beverley Clayton, Kamloops Art Gallery, Canada

Demonstration: Demonstrations - Session 2

Kamloops Art Gallery is a public art museum that features changing exhibitions of regional, national and international art, with a contemporary focus, as well as related programmes, events and studio programmes, a Gallery Store, and a collection of approx. 2,300 works. Located in the interior of BC and serving a region of approx. 120,000 people, the Gallery has limited resources to put towards website development and maintenance. Last year, the Gallery began using SiteCM, a web based content management system from ideaLEVER Solutions and redesigned the website in the process.

While many mid to large size museums have a significant budget and staff dedicated to their web programs, most small to mid size museums, like the KAG, have to make do with very limited resources. SiteCM and similar web content management systems provide a simple and inexpensive option for maintaining and growing a web site. SiteCM requires no software to be installed so several staff people can share the responsibility for keeping the site up to date. This allows a small staff to work efficiently and build a site appropriate for their museum.

Prior to having SiteCM, KAG staff would compile and send changes required to a 3rd party, who would implement the changes, then the KAG staff would have to check the changes and send any corrections required to the third party, then check them again. This was a tedious and time consuming process. Now updates to the web site can be done instantly and involve far less man-power.

KAG is barely scratching the surface of what can be done with SiteCM and we look forward to expanding the web site now that we have this reliable system in place.