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MZTV Museum Website

Michael Adams, MZTV Museum of Television, Canada

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To better bring its artifacts and archive to the public in engaging and illuminating ways, the MZTV Museum has developed several immersive exhibits and galleries for its new website.

Among the galleries already on display are: a Timeline of Television that invites the visitor to explore the technological, cultural, and artistic highlights of television history, a 1939 World’s Fair Gallery celebrating 65 years since the launch of commercial television, a Pioneers of Television Gallery and a Television in Quotes Gallery. The Interactive 3D Gallery takes some of the most historically significant sets from the collection and moves them from the physical gallery into the digital realm.

Guided by the Virtual Host, Museum visitors can tailor their tours and interact with the artifacts through a detailed and personal experience, whether utilizing the website or the gallery. They can manipulate and explore the collection in ways not possible with the actual objects themselves. With the narrative assistance of their digital curator, they learn more about the design and history of the sets. The Virtual Host / 3D Interactive Gallery has been nominated for several awards to date, including: KioskCom 2004(US), Communication Arts (US), Canarie/1Way (Canada), Art Directors Club, New York (US), Macromedia (US), Design Exchange (Canada), and Golden Polygon (France).

The MZTV Museum is in the process of creating several exciting additions to its website including a Philco Television Gallery, a Mechanical Television Gallery and the expansion of the 3D Interactive Gallery with the inclusion of the1939 RCA Lucite Television.