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Navigation in the Age of Exploration

Christina DePaolo, Seattle Art Museum, USA

Demonstration: Demonstrations - Session 1

This is an interactive touch-screen kiosk application developed for the exhibition Spain in the Age of Exploration Spain in the Age of Exploration, 1492-1819, organized by the Seattle Art Museum. The exhibition is an engaging narrative of the Spanish empire over three centuries through art. The purpose of the interactive was to bring life to the marine navigation instruments that were featured in the show. Since the instruments were in cases, the curator of the show was concerned that they would not be appreciated by the museum visitor. Therefore we developed an interface that would explain the purpose of the instruments and give them much needed context. Seattle has an enthusiastic community of marine scientists, so we were able to tap into local expert resources. A demonstration of this kiosk would give museum professionals an example of multimedia interactives that are targeted for specific in gallery use. The interactive was developed by Peel Interactive Media and managed by the Seattle Art Museum New Media department.

We have a version of the site on the web that is for mouse use.