Museums and the Web 2005
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Making Local History Live

Jonathan Pratty, 24 Hour Museum, United Kingdom

Demonstration: Demonstrations - Session 1

This demonstration is a chance to interact online with the 24 Hour Museum's new Storymaker program. The program is a simple-to-use online content management system that effectively gives informal users and supervised groups the chance to write web content and see it previewed on real web pages.

The Storymaker system sits at the heart of the 24 Hour Museum's new City Heritage Guides, which place community history groups at the heart of the cultural webspace for major cities in the UK. Already new groups are using the program, and content is being curated and published on the sites as a result.

The new sites were funded by the UK Department of Culture, Museums and Sport (DCMS) Culture Online project. The new sites went live in September 2004 and have now attracted follow on funding.