Museums and the Web 2005
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National Gallery of Victoria Multimedia: On-site and On-line

Helen Page, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

Demonstration: Demonstrations - Session 2

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) has undergone massive structural building re-developments over the past seven years. Part I of this paper provides background to achievements and supports the demonstration that will provide examples of the NGV's extensive on-site, on-line and DVD multimedia content environment where the Web is one development in a value chain of re-usable digital assets. Part II proposes knowledge management as an organisational management practice required to maximise the benefits of these technologies in supporting the NGV's mission of bringing art and people together: a mission which is in keeping with museums globally who are "striving to provide a range of educational and other public services to the individuals and communities that constitute their target audience." (Anderson, 2004). The Web, in particular, can be used to support these goals through the development of e-learning. Knowledge management practices are relevant to facilitating NGV outcomes, and those of museums generally, as a means of managing creatively and innovatively in an environment of increasing demands and decreasing funding. In particular, this involves bringing together the continuum of knowledge management, content management and learning management to facilitate the process of e-learning.