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Journeys & Transformations- British Columbia Landscapes

Grant Hughes, Royal BC Museum, Canada
Julie Zilber, 7th Floor Media, Canada

Demonstration: Demonstrations - Session 1

Nature, First Peoples and History are interconnected themes throughout the site, presented in pictures, records and information from the Royal British Columbia Museum's collections and through narratives from First Nations with long histories in these landscapes.

The landscapes of British Columbia have been shaped over millions of years. Vast chunks of foreign rocks collided to form the land. Ages of volcanoes, erosion and glacial ice carved mountains and valleys. Standing at the western edge of the continent, facing the westerly winds, British Columbia's mountain ranges divide this intricate land into climatic stripes of cold and wet, hot and dry, creating environments that support a huge diversity of life. All this natural change, all this motion, is still happening and will continue in the future.

Plants and animals have come and gone with changes in the landscapes and their climates. People have inadvertently and purposefully transformed the lands and waters of British Columbia and can be profoundly affected by the changes they cause.

First Nations cultural stories that go back to the beginning of time in what is now British Columbia tell of various Transformer figures. By combining First Nations narratives, historical information and a description of the natural environments of British Columbia, the Journeys & Transformations virtual museum site takes visitors to the mountains, forests, grasslands, waters and cities of British Columbia.

School programs and student participation make this an ideal site for teachers and students to learn about the history and diversity of British Columbia.