Museums and the Web 2005
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More than just papers, MW2005 offers a chance for dialogue.

Attentive Interfaces For Museum/Gallery Content

Slavko Milekic, University of the Arts, USA

Mini-Workshop: Attentive Interfaces

This mini-workshop workshop will present an overview of unorthodox ways of interacting with museum content, both on-site and on-line. The interaction mechanisms will include those based on detecting a visitor's presence, intention, gestures or gaze direction. The proposed interaction solutions will range from currently available low-budget technologies easily incorporated into existing on-site or Web-based presentations, to advanced visitor-aware environments. Most of the approaches will be practically demonstrated using actual museum/gallery content. The significance of each approach for access and interactions with museum content will be discussed using research findings from social and cognitive sciences. Knowledge of programming is not necessary but an open mind is a prerequisite.