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Successful On-line Learning Interactives

Steven Allison-Bunnell, Educational Web Adventures LLP, USA
David Schaller, Educational Web Adventures LLP, USA

Workshop: On-line Learning

Developing engaging and effective online learning interactives requires an understanding of many things. Subject knowledge and technical expertise are often emphasized, but just as critical are understanding the target audience and theories of learning as applied to the Web. In this workshop, participants will explore ways to define their audience(s) and apply several learning theories to educational Web development.

The workshop will employ an Interactivity Design planning process for online activities to guide participants through the early phases of the development cycle. While we will consider some technical features and limitations of the Web, this workshop will not teach technical skills such as HTML or graphics. Rather, we'll focus on the creative process of creating an engaging, effective online learning experience.

  1. Large group

    The Interactivity Design process and how it works. Discuss the goals of online learning activities: What are they trying to accomplish: content knowledge, conceptual leaps, behavioral change, etc.?

  2. Small group

    Establish the goals for a web activity using the Learning Goals Worksheet

  3. Large group

    The concept development process: applying learning theory. Discuss the importance of a clear and succinct Big Idea. Review ways that learning theories can guide this process.

  4. Small group

    Work through the concept development steps of the Interactivity Design checklist. Develop a Big Idea and hone it using Egan's theory for inspiration and guidance.

  5. Large group

    Discuss the concept development process. Discuss types of Web activities: best fit for content and audience.

  6. Small group

    Choose an activity type and outline the activity sequence.

  7. Large group

    Discuss the activity planning process.

    Design charette: share group Activity Outlines.

  8. Large group

    Discuss the development process. What were the challenges and payoffs of using the process?