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More than just papers, MW2005 offers a chance for dialogue.

Multichannel Design Techniques for a Successful User Experience

Davide Bolchini, University of Lugano, Switzerland
Paolo Paolini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Marco Speroni, University of Lugano, Switzerland

Mini-Workshop: Multi-Channel Communication

This paper explains and discusses IDM (Interactive Dialogue Model), a novel design technique specifically tailored for multi-channel applications. The background research, moving from linguistic theories and practices, has led us to the development of a "channel-independent" or "conceptual" design model (based on dialogue primitives), which can then proceed into a further "logical" design oriented toward specific channels. Designing an interactive application in two steps (channel-independent first, and channel-dependent later) allows a number of advantages without making more cumbersome the overall design process.